Directorate of Evaluation and Follow-up

The Evaluation and Follow-up Directorate is one of the directorates of the Office of Assistant Secretary-General for Evaluation and Follow-up in the Secretariat General of the Higher Education Council, which consists of two departments, are as follows:

1. Exam Evaluation & Certificate Endorsement Department.
2. Student Affairs & Registration Department.

The tasks of the Evaluation & Follow-up Directorate are summarized in:

  • Receipt of applications for the endorsement of certificates and qualifications issued by the private higher education institutions of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Follow up on matters relating to the admission and registration of students in private higher education institutions. And follow up on all matters pertaining to students’ affairs and student services.
  • Contribute in preparation of periodic reports and submit them to Higher Education Council on the extent of commitment to higher education institutions for the application of regulations and resolutions of the Council of Higher Education.
  • Contribute to the issuance of circulars and correspondence for follow up of private higher education institutions.
  • Cooperation and coordination with various directorates and departments in the Secretariat General in order to accomplish the tasks assigned to it.
  • Contribute to the preparation of studies and educational research for the development of regulations and systems of higher education.
  • Contribute in preparation of annual reports.
  • The Directorate of Evaluation and Follow-up to keep pace with the latest developments aimed at the development of higher education, and improve the quality of work performance. 

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